My Role

Product Designer


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Background is a platform dedicated to selling natural stone for countertops, backsplashes, and more in NJ, CT, and PA. With over 2,000 stone colors, offers a one-stop solution for selecting the perfect stone.

Challenege operates in a highly competitive market, facing increased competition as more companies enter the natural stone industry.

To maintain its edge, needed to ensure a seamless and informative customer journey, both online and offline, while adapting to digital marketing trends and e-commerce technologies.


The website's outdated UI was a significant hurdle in showcasing the vast collection of over 2,000 stone colors effectively. The primary goal was to redesign the website to provide a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that highlights the available stones and encourages users to contact to make an order. Enhancing the digital experience was essential to attract and retain customers, ultimately driving sales and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Older interface.

Research and Insights

Market Analysis: We analyzed competitors' strategies to identify strengths and weaknesses, helping us position effectivel

User Research: Interviews with a diverse group of users revealed challenges in choosing the right material for home renovation spaces. A survey indicated that our primary targets were homeowners and home renovators over the age of 30. Most users felt overwhelmed by the website's content, citing too many steps to complete one flow of action and a busy overall appearance.

Survey results:

Our primary target were people over the age of 30 or older. Our Main customers are Homeowners and Home Renovators. Most of the users tend to be overwhelmed by the content of the website, too many steps to complete one flow of action and the website looks too busy.

User Insights and Journey Mapping

We created two user personas based on our findings:

• Scott Miller: A contractor and renovator, helping us understand the needs of professionals.
Emily Cruz: A homeowner, guiding us in improving the customer journey for individual buyers


In the define phase, we aim to synthesize user feedback to address the overwhelming and busy layout of's website, setting a clear direction for generating and analyzing a wide range of ideas to enhance the user experience.

Complex Navigation: Simplify the navigation structure to reduce confusion and make it easier for users to find specific stone categories and products.
Overwhelming Content: Streamline the presentation of information to prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content on each page.
Lengthy Booking Process: Optimize the consultation booking process to make it more straightforward and efficient for users to schedule appointments.

User Flow and Site Map

User flow is the path taken by a prototypical user on a website or app to complete a task. The goal is to map the user journey from the homepage to complete the product order

Prototype & Test

Interactive Mockups: Created interactive prototypes of the redesigned website, incorporating user feedback to address navigation and usability issues.
User Testing: Conducted testing sessions with homeowners and renovators to gather insights and refine the design.

Design System

We developed a design system to ensure consistency across's digital platforms, maintaining a unified visual identity and enhancing user experience.

The Brand

After implementing the feedback points received from usability testing, it was time to start working on the visual side of the application, while keeping intact the brand by keeping some colors from the original brand.

Style Guide & UI Kit

A style guide was created to match the brand's new look and aesthetic and inform the design of the website.


The initial version of evolved through continuous enhancements. By gathering and incorporating user feedback, we ensured every update aligned with customer needs, shaping into an exceptional platform for homeowners, renovators, and designers.

Final Product

The final product of reflects our dedication to user-centric design and continuous improvement based on valuable feedback.

Complete Flow

After all the research and data accumulated we were ready to design the main looks of the website. Here a prototype made on Adobe XD fully interactive with Header and Footer Navigation.

For final product visit:

Responsive /Mobile

The final product is fully responsive, providing a seamless user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.



The successful redesign of the website has significantly increased foot traffic to our physical location. Visitors now experience enhanced ease of navigation and improved comfort while browsing, resulting in a more positive overall user experience.


Through iterative design and user feedback integration, has evolved into a user-centric platform that effectively meets the needs of homeowners and renovators. The final product reflects our commitment to enhancing usability and delivering a seamless experience from exploration to purchase. Ongoing feedback will continue to drive our efforts in maintaining and further improving customer satisfaction and engagement.